Gone are the days when you would have to sit in front of your computer at home, work or school to browse the internet. With the invention of laptops and smartphones, there are more options than ever when it comes to surfing the web.

When you’re out and about, you cannot carry your desktop around with you. One, you would get funny looks, and two, they can be quite hefty. This is where your laptop or smartphone comes in handy. But it’s not just mobile phones and laptops that allow you to browse the internet, there are iPads, Kindles and various other tablets too.

Smartphone User Mobile web browsing is growing, and it will continue to do so

It was only at the end of last year where the media reported on the fact that mobile web browsing overtook desktops for the first time. The Guardian reported on the steady growth of mobile web browsing and mentioned the fact that people have been watching it rise since 2009. Now though, it has overtaken desktop browsing, standing at 51.3% of people using their smartphones, against the 48.7% of people still using their PC (source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/nov/02/mobile-web-browsing-desktop-smartphones-tablets).

It’s still extremely close between the two means of web browsing, but it’s very likely that the number of people browsing the web on their phone will continue to rise. This makes it essential for you to embrace responsive web design for your own website.

Why you need to utilise mobile responsive web design

Appeal to the masses.

The popularity of smartphones is extremely high already and it’s only going to intensify. With a website on a desktop, there is always the fear that a user will not stay on a website for longer than a few seconds if they don’t like the look or the speed of a website – this is the same for mobile users too, if not fiercer.

If a user lands on your website and they’re on a mobile device, they will immediately see that the website is either supported for mobiles or not. If it isn’t, then they will not hesitate to move on. Everyone is busy, so imagine someone browsing your website whilst on the move, they’ll be even busier than if they are looking at your website at home in the evening or on a break at work.

Google loves mobile-friendly sites.

Google prioritises mobile responsive websites over those that are not. With the change to Google’s algorithm back in April 2015 for mobile search results, those websites which are optimised for mobile web browsing rank much better in mobile search results than those who don’t.

Google loves a mobile friendly website

It creates authority and quality.

If a client can go to your website on a desktop or mobile and use it with ease, then it gives your business a lot of credibility and sets the best example. Websites are often the first aspect that a customer engages with, so why not set the best first impression with responsive web design!

You will reach more customers.

This point speaks for itself. It’s all very well creating an amazing website which looks great on a desktop, but you are limiting your reach by doing that. You need to consider mobile users too.

To think that over 51% of people are browsing the web on their phone, that’s how many people you are not appealing to with a website that looks good on a desktop but doesn’t function so well on a smartphone.

Shows that you’re a modern business.

A mobile-friendly site will make your business look modern, forward-thinking and competent. People are more likely to use your business and take notice of your website if they can go onto it at any time and on any device.

Don’t be left behind.

If you don’t create a responsive website, then you will be left behind. Google wants mobile-friendly websites and if you don’t give Google what it loves, then you’re making a big mistake.

Can’t make a mobile-friendly website yourself?

Gaining professional support is usually the way forward to get that responsive website your business needs, and we’d be more than happy to help.

We focus on the usability of all the websites we create. If you would like to design a website that works on any device, you can do so by working with us. We’ll combine our intuitive web design, effortless functionality and captivating content to give you that website you desire.

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