Skylight provides an augmented reality for your workforce

What is Skylight?

Skylight is a new software which has been developed by Upskill, an augmented reality company that develops enterprise software. They claim that Skylight is “one of the most widely used assisted reality solution for industrials”.

What does Skylight do for workforces?

In its core, Skylight is a clever User Interface that connects hands-on workers to the information they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors. It essentially provides workers with all the information they need through their UI headset. With the ability to present notes, pictures, and videos, it allows your workforce access at any time, whether they’re at HQ or not. 

But what are the key benefits of using this augmented reality software? And will it really be able to help cut production time and generate higher quality output? 

Skylight Augmented Reality

Works Offline & Hands-Free

Upskill claim the Skylight works offline and will cache any data stored until an internet connection is found. This means that the information that you store will be ready for you to upload and shared to your entire workforce. That means it will be able to store data input using it’s scanner or keyboard anywhere in the world.

The Skylight is also navigatable by voice command offline, making it easy to use in any situation where you should need two hands to do something else. No need waste time fiddling around with this tech.

Imagine you need to repair a hydraulics system malfunction, would you know what to do? With the assistance of Skylight, you probably would. Skylight is an artificial intelligence that would allow you to watch step by step guides on how to perform certain tasks, allowing you to avoid any confusion and errors.

Repair a hydraulics system malfunction

“Use Skylight in the AR devices that best suit your workforce”

The Skylight will work on a series of AR devices using Microsoft’s latest technology and is able to run Azure Stack, bringing fast paced cloud computing to the front line of an AR work force. The Skylight can be used for training new staff using its high tech user interface to not only show the new member of staff around but to introduce them to the many stages of a new profession.

With the ability to voice & video chat as well as send documents and files live to other users in the team, Skylight enables a team to work together effortlessly. It also stores data from conversations and transactions so that anything can be investigated and researched later on.

Skylight will certainly improve your workforce’s efficiency on the job. There would be no reason for documentation to go missing, and your team will have support at the touch (or sound of their voice) of a button.

Skylight augmented headset & goggles

Are there any negatives? 

Although Skylight is supposedly easy to use, it seems questionable as to how long it would take to train an entire team to use this piece of technology consistently and without flaw, as well as set up the management and network configuration to use it. If a company used Skylight, it would need to become the central focus of the workforce kit meaning it could potentially be quite costly.

Here at Equals Creative, we’re always fascinated by new technology and in particular how the interface and experience of Skylight are built around complex back end systems. An exciting step forward in AR technology, we’re looking forward to seeing how Skylight develops and whether or not it will become an imperative piece of technology on the front line of industrial workforces.


Take a look at this video comparing an employee wiring a wind turbine using a manual vs the Skylight.