Woody, EC Designer

Drumroll please…

It’s all go here at EC at the moment. Along with two new team members, we’ve got a whole new look!

Our eagle eyed clients, friends, readers and followers will have noticed the change to our image, particularly across our website and social media pages. But if not, then take a look at our site, blogs and social pages to see it… or read on to find out more about the brand, how it was created and why we made the change.

Reinventing the EC brand

Reinventing the EC brand

Over the past year or so, we have been working hard on a new brand for the Equals brand; both Equals Creative and our new venture, Equals Labs. The entire EC team had an input, but Harry and Woody were heavily involved in the rebranding process in respect of the logo, colours and messaging around the brand.

For Harry, it was a chance for him to change the look of his baby, and for Woody, it was an exciting opportunity to experiment with and transform the EC brand.

I decided to ask Woody some questions about the new brand to get an insight into the process of creating the brand, to understand what it is he wanted to achieve and how he achieved it.

Why did you choose to change the brand?

We wanted to extend the digital capabilities of our brand, and in doing so, create a brand that reflected what we stood for, and looked killer. The brand itself is a renovation of the existing ‘EC’, taking the form of isometric lettering inside a solid cube structure.

The sweat-inducing work towards the final result shouldn’t be shrugged away. Our team worked hard sifting through hundreds of font types, crafting emblems and scanning colour palettes.

Admittedly, we chose colours that could easily cast you back to a 90’s landscape full of energy, but we wanted to be different & stand out. It left us with some really nice contrasting colours to work with across social media and other branding/marketing aspects.

What was it with the old logo that forced you to make the change?

Our previous logo lasted for just over 5 years, but it was time for an update.

The old logo wasn’t built for a modern & dynamic digital realm like our new one is, and it just wasn’t right for the next stage of the Equals journey.

EC old & new brand

Explain the idea behind the new EC emblem.

Expanding tides in the Equals business called for an emblem that could be altered and modified to accompany new sub brands. Equals Labs, a new and exciting venture, is the next edition in the Equals emblem set. Incorporating the vivid colours, the emblem is built out isometrically and uses striking angles of colour to carve letters into the cube – EC for Creative, EL for Labs.

A monochrome version where the cube is broken into sections through conjoining strips allows us to place the emblem on anything at all and it still be distinctive. This was a big challenge – creating an emblem which is distinctive on its own.

How many other logos did you come up with?

Hundreds. We attempted many different ideas with numerous shapes, fonts, colours and styles for both EC and EL. The process was as long as it was ambitious. It required a lot of sketching, drafts and throw aways. I’m my biggest critic and on top of that, the entire team would look at each of my designs and say whether they liked it or not. From that, I was then able to come up with other logos to put forward. It was great to work with the team on this. They came up with funky ideas with me and that in turn gave me inspiration for other ideas.

It was quite an achievement to come up with this one logo and for the whole team to love it!

What difficulties did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

The main difficulty of creating the new logo set was to make it work across different mediums as well as retaining the main Equals brand across both Creative and Labs. The ‘E’ of the emblem was easy enough, but the complete different shapes of the ‘C’ and ‘L’ is where the main challenge presented itself. There were times where I had a design that worked for Creative and not Labs or for Labs and not Creative!

Creating the monochrome version required us to create an outlined version of the logo that could be just as easily recognised in black and white as it is in colour. It was difficult coming up with the new versions whilst retaining the same shapes and level of depth for both, but we got there in the end!

The difficulties in creating the Equals brand

Thanks for your time answering these questions, Woody. I was witness to the work you did over the past year, especially in the last few months, and it was amazing to see how many ideas you came up with for the new Equals branding.

Also, sorry if I was a pain sticking my oar in during the design process!