Here at ECHQ we are always on the lookout for creative talent to join our growing team of digital professionals.

We are excited to welcome Suzie, our new Digital Marketing Assistant to ECHQ.

A bit of a social butterfly, Suzie has always had a passion for the written word and the way in which we communicate. When she’s not in the office Suzie enjoys reviewing live music, blogging and spontaneous trips away.

New Digital Marketing Assistant


“After studying for a degree in Magazine Journalism I wanted to further my creative skills with an MA in Creative Advertising at Southampton Solent University. While on the hunt for my next step in my career I came across a Digital Marketing Assistant role at Equals Creative and went on a bit of an online stalk to see what EC were all about. From there, I was instantly intrigued by the work they had done and the direction EC as an agency were heading in. I knew this was a perfect time to get on board and get involved with as many creative projects as possible with an agency that are only going to get bigger and better.”

We can’t wait to get Suzie stuck into our projects and working with our clients!

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