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PPC Campaign Management for Fleetway Travel

Fleetway Travel is a well-established travel company that has been helping customers to create amazing memories through their leading holiday packages. With over 45 years of experience, Fleetway provide efficient, hassle-free and competitive travel services to all of their customers. Fleetway’s outstanding record in customer service has come down to their drive to be the best in what they do, and their accreditations mean they are the perfect client to work with.

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The Objective

Fleetway Travel required expert support with their PPC, which entailed managing their budget spend, carrying out market research and working with the client to promote their latest holiday deals to the public; in a way that ensures high engagement and conversion.

Fleetway Travel was looking to improve the return on their investment in PPC, but they also wanted to improve the visibility of their brand, better engage with their customers and promote their latest holiday deals in a highly competitive market.

Our Solution

We decided to take a ‘start-from-scratch’ approach with Fleetway Travel’s PPC Management project; discussing their requirements in order to have maximum impact. From this information along with market research, we were able to determine a strategy to follow for campaign success. Having a thorough strategy and implementation for the campaign is paramount for any PPC campaign, so for this particular project, we involved Seed Publicity to assist us to ensure that this PPC campaign delivered on their expectations and our promises.

Our hyper targeted approach to campaign set up included creating user personas, which enabled us to understand Fleetway’s target audience and ensure that our ads would convert and perform adequately. Text ads, display network ads, Gmail Sponsored Promotions and re-marketing ads were all set up to ensure we had a good coverage of every channel, and that we were spreading the budget effectively to deliver sales and brand awareness.

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How we worked with Fleetway Travel

When we first met with Fleetway Travel, we started our discussions right from the beginning; with the view of working from a clean slate. We listened to their requirements and listed ways in which we could improve their PPC. They had issues with their current PPC campaign, and from this information – along with market research – we were able to determine a strategy to strive for campaign success with the right users.

During our market research, which included keyword research, we were able to set up the campaign using ads with the correct wording and phrasing. This was completed to ensure that the ads successfully communicate with the right type of user – a potential client.

After the initial set up, we continued to learn about the travel industry and their typical user’s behaviour. This allowed us to suggest areas to improve on for the Fleetway Travel website, in order to improve ROI and customer experience. The campaign was monitored and updated on a daily basis to ensure that the budget was being spent in a controlled and data driven way; cutting down considerably on the wastage of any spend.

We reported back regularly, combining data that we had captured along with business data to measure and learn from the previous month.

We also consulted Fleetway Travel on the best practices and what they need to do to improve their conversion across their website and advertising campaigns.

 The Outcome

As you can see below, the success from our PPC work with Fleetway Travel was wonderful. Take a look at the impressive stats below!

fleetway travel statistics

“Working with Equals Creative has been an absolute pleasure. They took the time to understand our business and it felt like they were an extension of our own marketing department. They consistently deliver great results and ROI thanks to the support and dedication of Harry and Nick. Their enthusiasm and passion for PPC is evident and I would highly recommend working with this evolving business.”

Tania Ross | Fleetway Travel