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New E-Commerce Website for Planbee Resources

PlanBee is a primary school teaching resources company based in the UK.  The company was born out of the desire to help teachers “take the sting out of planning” and to provide leading learning materials to primary school teachers. They create resources in digital format and sell them online to a specific target audience, teachers.

Why did PlanBee approach us?

PlanBee received a recommendation from a partner agency to work with Equals Creative.

As we built the foundations of an ongoing relationship to take over the maintenance of their existing website, we agreed that building a new website was something that PlanBee needed to grow and to add flexibility moving forwards.

Plan Bee Website Design & Development Work Hampshire


Our solution

PlanBee required a responsive e-commerce website designed and launched, that included modernising their existing brand.

They wanted a site that would improve their internal processes, make efficiencies in the time taken to administer the website, but most importantly to help their customers find what they were looking for more quickly, display their products more visually on the page and inherently improve sales.

Their previous site was not responsive and almost unusable on mobile and tablet, therefore they needed a fully scalable site using a mobile first approach. It was also slow…very slow, using old technology with a bloating database of products and orders. It wasn’t flexible or scalable for future growth. It was important that we took their existing customers into consideration when building the new site. PlanBee had built a fantastic reputation in their industry with loyal customers that we needed to treat with care.

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Website Development

We looked at a number of different e-commerce platforms before deciding to use a Magento platform. This suited the size and complexity of this website. The Magento platform would require some modification from our developers in order to get groups of products to display like single digital downloads.

Importing their existing data was a large part of this project. It was important that there was as seamless a transition as possible. The most difficult challenge was importing existing order and user data from an existing broken database. We built an import script and ran this over several days in order to convert existing data into a format that Magento would accept.

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Logo update

PlanBee’s old brand was outdated and something we advised them should be modernised to fit with the design of a new website. We worked on creating an updated logo for the company based on their existing design. Their existing logo was changed into a flat design and simplified to work perfectly with the new website.


We wanted to improve usability and make the website work across different devices and browsers. Achieving this took weeks of design and UX planning from the design team, resulting in a full website mockup designed in Photoshop. After showing the designs to Planbee and making final adjustments, the site was given the green light for development. Our goal was presenting users with as much useful information as possible to make it as easy to purchase as possible.

Graphic Design Hampshire

The new brighter colour scheme was chosen based in order to create a heightened user experience. The blue, yellow and green colours are bright and bold with a running theme of nature and bees to expand on the wider theme. Our designer Woody created custom graphics in Adobe Illustrator for each subject page as well as some of the other feature pages. The aim was to produce professional graphics whilst injecting some fun into the site, allowing teaching professionals to relate to the child-friendly nature of the business, similar to their everyday work.

“I really enjoyed creating the graphics for PlanBee. Defining a style was fairly easy, but fine tuning the graphics for each subject page was slightly harder. I tried to create a scene for each page and with some helpful direction from the client, I think we’ve ended up with something that looks really great!”

Woody | Graphics Designer

What we achieved

Planbee Statistics Website Mobile Design Hampshire

This was a demanding project with many challenges that we encountered along the way, but the fantastic feedback we received made it all worth it.

We’re really pleased with how the site has turned out, we are excited to work with Planbee in the future, to look after their website, and help them grow their business online.

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