New eCommerce Website & Logo Update

PlanBee is a primary school teaching resources company based in the UK. The company was born out of the desire to help teachers “take the sting out of planning”, and to provide leading learning materials for primary school teachers to utilise. They create resources in digital format and sell them online to a specific target audience, teachers.

PlanBee came to us by recommendation, and we were more than happy to help them.

The Objective

In order to allow PlanBee to flourish, we agreed that we would need to build them a new eCommerce website to meet their demands of a better looking and more responsive site for teachers across the UK.

Where previously their website lacked responsiveness, it was almost unusable on mobile and tablet. The reason was due to them using old technology; it had a bloating database of products and orders that lacked flexibility. We and the client agreed that a refresh was definitely the right way forward for PlanBee’s website. This not only meant their website, but their logo too.

So what did we do?

Plan Bee Website Design & Development Work Hampshire

Our Solution

PlanBee required a responsive e-commerce website to be designed and then launched, that included modernising their existing brand – that called for our web developers and graphic designer to get to work. 

We created a responsive eCommerce website that took a mobile first approach. We suggested improvements to their internal processes, making the time taken to administer the website more efficient and user friendly. We suggested displaying their products more visually to drive sales and improve the way customers looked around the website.

We got to work on designing a new website with a modern look, whilst embracing the bee theme of their brand. This meant that with the bright colours of nature and a particular cartoon and friendly looking bee, it made our work much easier; especially with producing a concept to work with.

To keep up with their new and responsive eCommerce website design, we suggested a revamp of their existing logo too. The client agreed, and so we got to work on creating a new bee to front the PlanBee brand.

Having looked at a number of eCommerce platforms, we established that Magento was the most suitable to handle such a complex project of this size.

Planbee Website Design Development Magento About Us

Planbee Website Design Development Magento Product Page

The Outcome

Designing a website that both improved usability and worked seamlessly across multiple devices and browsers took weeks of planning from the EC team. Although not without too many challenges along the way, the feedback received from PlanBee’s new website proved our work successful. When PlanBee asked their customers for some feedback, this is what they had to say…

Planbee Statistics Website Mobile Design Hampshire

By achieving a new and brighter colour scheme, we heightened the user experience of PlanBee’s website. Overall, we improved the navigation of the PlanBee site, taking the effort out of both browsing and purchasing products. This created an enjoyable user experience that allowed the brand to be enhanced through its new visuals.

Planbee Statistics Website Ipad Design Hampshire