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As part of a larger project, we took on the task of creating a new brand for a Teaching Resources company. Whilst already working on an e-commerce web project for the client, we proposed creating a new brand for them with the aim of modernising the current trading name and engaging customers on the web.

Rainbo graphics Ux Design

Defining the audience

The target audience for the brand focusses specifically on primary school teachers who create teaching materials and display artwork for classrooms. We needed to design a brand that felt modern and professional, yet injected a sense of fun, relating both to teachers and their pupils alike. We worked on creating user personas that would help us to identify what potential customers would want from the brand and what would positively influence their behaviour.

Defining the Brand

Involving the client, we held workshops to brainstorm ideas for both the brand name and strapline. After many cups of coffee, and several work sessions we came to the decision that the brand should be called Rainbo. Not only did it fit the themes required but it would be a very flexible and creative brand that would stand out online.

With the strapline, we took the same approach.  We came up with a number of themes with the client that we wanted to represent the brand and the message we wanted to portray. We decided the brand should be trustworthy, friendly, memorable and relatable to children and teachers.

Rainbo Branding Document Guidelines Hampshire

Designing the Brand

We worked with the client to identify some brands that we liked and defined a guide to the general look and feel we were after. We then started working, sketching and drawing some initial brand ideas, discussing, deliberating and then making changes until we came up with a number of options to share. After receiving positive feedback about a few of the brands, we were able to variate on these themes. Working through numerous variations, we presented the client with the top 3 options for logos and all agreed that there was a stand out favourite we had been working on throughout the process.

The branding guidelines were then used to create website designs for the separate e-commerce project, ready for client approval. The logo works well in grey scale and full colour in all mediums due to its simplicity and it can be symbolised using only the rainbow symbol.

Rainbo Colour Mockup Coated Branding Hampshire

The Result

We are so happy with the result and we feel that not only have we achieved a great looking and memorable brand but also a meaningful one. We’re really proud of the Rainbo Brand and know we can follow it through with a fantastic website and successful online business.

Our client is really happy with the brand and the strapline and we’re really looking forward to seeing it on the web!

“We wanted to rebrand our website/ company in order to capture our target market as well as to be identified as something unique, something that stood out from our competitors. Equals Creative have achieved this task tenfold by recognising exactly what we do and created a brand that communicates precisely who we are to our audience. Not only are the Equals Creative team skilled and “creative” who produce fantastic work and results, they are a pleasure to deal with as people as they communicate effectively with you from start to finish. Can’t wait to see the outcome of the website to follow that they are creating for us!”

Jeremy Henley | Founder and Director

Rainbo Final Brand Logo Design Hampshire